December 31, 2021

Roach control service  – Cockroaches are insects that can spread various types of bacteria and viruses that cause disease to humans. This is because cockroaches live in dirty environments and take food from various places, including garbage disposal. In addition, cockroaches also tend to store more at home during the rainy season.

This is due to the suitability of the creation of water or water, so that more enters the house. sometimes, the flood season can also bring cockroaches into the house. Therefore, it is recommended that you always keep your living and dining areas clean, including restaurants, in order to avoid diseases caused by germs carried by cockroaches.

Dangers of Cockroaches for Health

There are several health problems that can be caused by cockroaches as germ-carrying insects, including:

1. Food poisoning

Various studies have shown that cockroaches are a source of Salmonella bacteria which can cause food poisoning and typhoid fever for humans. Cockroaches can be food or drink that you consume with germs. When you eat food or drink contaminated with bacteria from cockroaches, you are at risk for food poisoning or typhoid.

2. Digestive disorders

Not only Salmonella bacteria, cockroaches can also carry various types of other microorganisms, such as Shigella bacteria, E. coli, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, hepatitis A virus and rotavirus, as well as various types of parasitic worms, which can cause diarrhea.

When cockroaches land on the food you eat, various germs, viruses, and parasites that cause these diseases can get food. If you eat these foods, you can experience various diseases, especially digestive disorders, such as diarrhea and intestinal worms.

3. Injuries caused by cockroaches

Cockroaches rarely bite humans, but you still have to be careful. Injuries from the cockroach area can occur on the toes, or other body parts caused by this insect. If not cleaned immediately, the wound can be susceptible to infection.
In certain cases, wounds caused by cockroaches can even cause dangerous infectious diseases, such as leptospirosis.

4. Cockroaches enter the body
Cockroaches can enter the body, such as the nose and ears, while you are sleeping. Therefore, it is important for you to always keep your home clean, including your bed, to avoid cockroach attacks. To stay clean and safe from cockroaches, avoid the habit of eating in bed, because food can invite cockroaches to approach your bed.

5. Allergies

Like other types of substances that can trigger allergies, such as pollution or animal dander, cockroaches can also trigger allergic reactions in humans. People who experience allergy symptoms will usually experience symptoms of itching, cough, and runny nose.

However, although rare, allergic reactions due to exposure to cockroaches can sometimes be more severe and cause anaphylactic reactions. This condition can cause the sufferer to faint, short of breath, and even die if he does not get help from a doctor immediately. In addition, people who suffer from asthma can also be prone to experiencing recurrence of symptoms if they are often exposed to allergens or allergy triggers carried by cockroaches.

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