Pest Control Bali
11 Nov

What is a good pest control like?

The pest control service that you will choose is not only cheap, but you must look at it from a professional, experienced and trusted aspect. There are many choices of pest control companies in Bali, one of which is Umas Pest Control Bali, which is the right for pest control problems, termites and other pests.

The following are criteria for choosing the excellent pest control service for your company

1. Has a business license and certificate from the Indonesian pest control company association

Make sure that the pest control company has a permit certificate from the department or from the Indonesian pest control company association, because the company certainly has experience that has been tested by the association.

2. Experienced and certified technicians

Our technicians at Umas Pest Control Bali already have training certificates with years of experience in the pest control field, so there is no doubt about the work performance of Umas Pest Control Bali technicians.

3. Equipment and drugs used

We Umas Pest Control Bali always innovates highly and is always updated about the latest technology on pest control and we use environmentally friendly drugs because we collaborate with BAYER, a pest control product that is well known in Indonesia and has been proven effective in controlling pests.

4. Professional Survey Team

We have a survey team who is very knowledgeable about pest problems in the field and we provide free consultations and free surveys to come to your place without your bother coming to our office.

If you have questions about pests that interfere with your environment, immediately contact us Umas Pest Control Bali :

Umas Pest Control Bali

Pest Control With Excellent Service

Mitha: +6281138204195 (Available WA)

We provide FREE consultations and FREE surveys coming directly to your home.

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