Rat Repellent Spray Bali
10 Dec

As a rat repellent spray bali we feel that rats are called rodents because rats are always looking for objects that can be bitten such as wood, cables, cardboard, plastic kitchen utensils, etc and the goal is to keep their teeth growing.

Reason Rats Can Damage Your Home

You need to know that milk teeth in rats experience continuous growth the longer it gets longer, and if the longer it takes, the rats will find it harder to eat and if they can’t eat for days the rat will eventually die. Therefore, mice are always looking for objects that can be bitten to sharpen their teeth so they don’t grow long!

This will be very detrimental to us if the objects bitten by rats are around our homes and of course this will be very detrimental to us in terms of the economy, because the things we have will be damaged, not to mention damaged goods are expensive, Of course we don’t want this to happen to us.

Besides being called a rodent, rats are one of the animals that can cause us to get sick? one of them is PES, this infection is caused by the bacterium Yersinia Pestis. This disease once hit Europe in 1347-1351 and caused the death toll of up to two thirds of the population in Europe. And in Indonesia there was an extraordinary incident around 2007 there were 82 cases and caused the death toll of 80 percent of the total cases.

Disease Transmitted By Rats

Ways of transmission of diseases caused by rats can be through rat urine, feces, fleas in mice and also from food that was bitten by mice. Of course this will be very worrying for us, especially if there are a lot of rats around our house. Of course this will be very detrimental to us in terms of the health of our families.

Rats are mammals, are pests that cause harm to human life both in residential and industrial environments. Rats are animals that reproduce very quickly, mice become adults starting at the age of 3 months. The gestation period for female rats is very short, about 3 weeks, and the number of offspring produced in each birth ranges from 6 to 12 tails. Depending on the type and condition of the food in the field, and a mouse can give birth 4 times a year. So in one year 1 female rat can produce about 24 to 48 rats, really very fast reproduction.

Therefore, until now the rat population is still very large even though many ways have been done to kill rats.
What if mice breed in our homes or companies with such a fast rate of reproduction, of course this will be very detrimental to us both in terms of economy and health.

If that happened to us, of course we would think about how to eradicate the rats, with a large population and residence that we do not know of its existence, it is impossible for us to eradicate it completely and this is an ecosystem when we eradicate it will certainly disturb the balance of nature. What can be done is control or prevention, namely by suppressing the population in our place.

Rat Repellent Spray Bali

Rat Repellent Spray Bali

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