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Believe it or not, rats are an animal whose population is almost all over the world. One of them is in Indonesia. Rats are often encountered around us. Hearing the name of a mouse is really familiar to our ears. Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia and is quite well known abroad. Seminyak is an attractive spot when tourists come to Bali. This happens because the seminyak area has a restaurant and café with a unique architecture and of course the food and drinks that are sold are also served very interestingly.

10 of the most popular places for tourists who come because of their attractive architecture, namely lafavela, red carpet, mexicola motel, da maria, potato head, woobar, double six, cocoon beach club, char-char bali and shisi bali.

Based on our experience as a rat control seminyak, the increasing population of rats will be a problem for cafes and restaurants. Many of us are already familiar with mice, but we don’t know how these characteristics and mice are, so on this occasion we as a rat control seminyak will inform the facts about rats you might not know.

Here are 5 rats facts if you should know.

  1. Rats have poor eyesight

The weakness of mice is that they have poor eyesight. All the colors that mice see are gray. But don’t be underestimated, rats have a very effective sense of taste through their whiskers. Without good eyesight, mice can still carry out their daily activities because their sense of taste is very effective. Such as touching objects, navigating directions and tools to distinguish any food they find they do it through their whiskers.

  1. Rats have a good memory

It should be noted that mice have a very good memory. They are able to map the room and remember all the routes they have always taken for a long time. Because of that, mice can be said to be intelligent animals. We as a rat control seminyak have our own special way of tricking this ingenious animal. Because if they don’t, the mice won’t get into the trap they set.

  1. Rats are agile climbers, jumpers and swimmers

In addition to being known as a clever animal, rats also have the advantage of climbing, jumping and even swimming. Rats can be categorized as animals that are very good at climbing, especially the black rat. Rats can also swim and even hold their breath for long periods in the water. No wonder rats can wade through water in ditches or rivers. This is a threat to us because rats easily survive with the advantages they have.

  1. Mice Have Sharp Teeth

Rats have a pair of strong and sharp incisors as a means of defense and their weapons in destroying hard objects. This is done to gain access to the house through a wall or roof. So be careful! As a rat control seminyak, we would like to inform you that rats have a pair of sharp incisors and grow continuously throughout their life. The habit of rats is to sharpen their incisors by chewing or gnawing solid objects such as aluminum, wood, wire, plastic, electrical cables. That is what can have a dangerous impact on us. As well as damage, rats biting into the power lines can cause fires. Quite a number of our customers as rat control seminyak who experience this.

  1. Rats have a high reproductive

Rats are fast reproducing animals. Unlike other pests, rats do not have a breeding season. A female mouse can go through a gestation period 6 times a year. It is important to underline here that a population of rats can swell with just 2 mice to 1,250 mice in one year. As a rat control seminyak, we advise you to be vigilant if you have found one mouse in your house, it means that the rat population in your house is actually large. Because rats can reproduce quickly.

Seeing our experience as a rat control seminyak, rats can reproduce very quickly so it is quite difficult to handle alone. We are here as your solution if you want to save your time in dealing with high rat populations. We have a special method which is very unique and original to completely treat the rat problem. Do you want financial and health losses because of rats? Prevent and overcome from now!

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