June 6, 2022

Rat Control Canggu – Rats are pests that are highly avoided to enter your home, hotel, apartment, especially your restaurant. The impact given by this rat is terrible. Rats can damage objects to your property assets. Using their sharp teeth, rats can damage them and eat your spices and food ingredients.

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The presence of mice is a problem for many people. The house becomes uncomfortable to live in and worse, it affects the income of the restaurant or your residential assets if there are rats nesting. Don’t want bad comments from customers if there are mice, right? Rat pests can be said to be difficult to get rid of, is there an interesting way to get rid of mice? What is the solution when many rats nest in your home?

Here are 3 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Anti-Fail Rats

1. Use Onions

Using onions can be a powerful method to get rid of rats? seriously? Yak rats really don’t like bad smells and pungent smells. That’s what makes onions a good alternative to get rid of mice in the house easily.

2. Peppermint Scent

Just like onions, peppermint is also very disliked by mice because of its strong smell. An easy way to make the peppermint scent usable to repel mosquitoes is to mash or blender the peppermint leaves until they are smooth and cause a very sharp pungent aroma. Don’t forget to add a little water to the peppermint leaf mixture. Spray the peppermint-scented mixture on the areas that the mice will detect.

3. Keeping Clean

The thing that needs to be considered so that mice do not nest a lot in your place is to keep the environment around you clean. We should know that rats really like dirty places. Keeping the environment clean is very important so that rats do not feel safe in your place and population and breed a lot in your place.

Rat Control Canggu

When the problem is difficult to solve on your own with the methods described above, the last suggestion is to use professional pest control services so you don’t have to bother dealing with pest problems. Umas Pest Control Bali as a service to rat control canggu and the surrounding area of ​​Bali, is ready to help you when you have trouble with rat problems.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of pest control so it is appropriate for you to call us to help with your rat problem. The experienced workforce and special interesting tools and methods from pest control umas will help you deal with rat problems. Protect immediately before mice breed in your home.

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