December 27, 2021

Rat Control Bali – Rats are rodents that are very disturbing and also transmit dangerous diseases, besides that many of these rats have damaged furniture and other items in our homes, before we take action for a rat eradication program, it is better if we learn in advance what types of rats we will control.

Because even though they are fellow rats have different life habits. It can be seen from the types of mice that we often encounter like

    The characteristics of these mice usually have a slender body, thin ears and a large nose
    We meet a lot of sewer rats or mice in damp sewer areas, have thin and long bodies
    Has a characteristic with a light brown color and usually likes to gnaw on furniture and buildings to dull their fangs.

Well, we already know a little about the types and we also need to know the ecology of their life, the method below is briefly conveyed by umas to provide education on how to use the right method for maximum results.

Rodent control method

Actions we can do with simple ingredients

1. Trap method
The trapping or trapping method is usually used by umas pest control professionals in controlling rat pests

2. Glue trap
The glue method or the glue trap method is used for the room area, this method has the advantage that rats caught can still live a few days after being trapped, without leaving an outdoor.

3. Ring poison
Ring posion or the use of poison can be carried out for the outer building area, to eliminate rat pests from outside the building. In addition to the formal methods from professional umas, we can also use or apply DIY methods to control rat pests in our homes with items around us

  • First, we can use peppermint oil, because the nature of peppermint oil which has a pungent smell is not liked by rats, the method is easy, we just dip a cloth in the oil and we smear it on the area that rats often pass, other than that the method we use is spray
  • Both of these methods are the same as acute poisoning, using backing soda mixed into leftover food, after the rat eats the mixed food, then a few hours later the rat’s stomach will swell and will look for an outside area to die. And many other ways such as using the mint leaf method, sliced ​​scallions and pepper powder
  • Not only that, we can also assemble used objects such as buckets for mass traps for rats in the warehouse area, briefly adding grain in the form of bait for the rat bait

Finally to prevent rats from coming and growing in our area, we need to maintain environmental cleanliness and sanitation, because rat pests are very happy with dirty areas, similar to their habitat out there.

So in addition to the elimination method above, Umas recommends maintaining the environment, in addition to avoiding rat attacks, we have also been spared from attacks by viruses that are transmitted by pests, for more information about professional pest control services, please contact the contact above and get a monthly discount.

Rat Control Bali

We have standard strategies and methods to help you deal with your rat problem. Tired of dealing with naughty rats that are increasingly visible even though you have installed rat poison? Want the mice to disappear hassle-free?

Umas Pest Control is here as your solution if you want practical, hassle-free and time-saving results in dealing with large rat populations that are difficult to handle alone.

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