07 Mar

Feed Spray Anti Flies QuickBayt 10WG active ingredient Imidacloprid 10%, is a residual insecticide which serves as bait Anti Flies. With the selection of materials makes QuickBayt Spray attractant 10WG very effective to eradicate the flies. The latest formulation in eradicating the fly to provide optimal results, providing longer protection with residual power and very easy way of application.

Spray fly repellent QuickBayt 10WG is the best option to eradicate the flies in the neighborhoods, farms, restaurants, hotels, food court and other commercial places

The benefits of using QuickBayt Fly Repellent Spray 10WG:

  1. Working quickly in a short time.
  2. Contains ingredients that are favored by flies.
  3. How the application is easy and no hassle.
  4. Flexible, can be applied by means of sowing or pengkuasan.
  5. Provide protection in the long term.
  6. Surviving long on the surface for the bait has not been eaten flies.
  7. It is safe because it contains Bitrex.

How to Use Anti Fly Bait Spray QuickBayt 10WG:

  1. Dissolve into water at a ratio of 1: 1.
  2. Spraying, 250 g was added to 2 liters of water, then stir until mixed, spray on the wall and a pole barn.
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