April 12, 2016

The big disadvantage is not there you might encounter when you are remiss not protect wood from fungus. These organisms can be made of wood damaged structurally and aesthetics.

Sometimes we inadvertently discovered the growth of mold in some parts of the furniture in our homes. The fungal attack can be very distracting, especially fungi that grow in the wardrobe. The fungus that thrives not only damaging the closet itself, this organism can contaminate and damage the clothing collections that we hold dear. It is clear that the fungus led losses. That is why the action or treatment to protect wood from fungus considered very important.

Quoted from Bioindustries, In general there are some things that the main cause of the growth of fungus on wood:

  • Mushrooms will be easy to grow in media with high humidity because basically the wood surface is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture).
  • Poor ventilation causes moisture is “trapped” in a certain period of time and allows the fungus to grow
  • Dust and dirt on the surface of the furniture could be a media mushrooming mushrooms because dust is able to absorb moisture and retain moisture on the surface of certain objects.

By knowing the general facts about mushrooms, we can take preventive growth of mildew on the furniture by applying products Anti-Fungus / Anti-Bacterial on our furniture. Things we can also confirm on when we ordered furniture at the manufacturer, whether they are already using the Fungus Anti layer. For the sake of cost efficiency and durability of our furniture.

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