May 8, 2021

Professional Pest Control In Bali – Affected by the huge negative impact of the COVID19 virus. because, the virus caused the closure of the tourism industry such as hotels, restaurants and cafes (horeca).

From the data from Umas Pest Control Bali – the chairman of the Indonesian Pest Control Industry Association (Aspphami) hopes that pest control activities in the tourism industry can continue even though it is not like it was before COVID19 hit. Regarding this, we try to prevent a surge in pest populations. The economic impact is already big, but don’t let the health consequences get bigger if pest control is stopped

So far, pest control has been tried in almost all private zones such as offices etc., because it is related to regulations that require pest control to be done, in addition to issues of standardization, hygiene and sanitation that every pest control must follow.

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from existing data PUPR Ministerial Regulation Number 24 of 2008 concerning Guidelines for Maintenance and Maintenance of Buildings,

How to Pest Control in Facing COVID19?

pest control is an activity that must be tried in a building to improve the health and reliability of the building.

Umas Pest Control is a pest control service that is very much needed both in terms of providing pandemic prevention services through a disinfectant process for homes, factories, warehouses, hospitals, offices and others.

As an industry that supports health services, in fact, we are always trying to make the maximum possible contribution by prioritizing security, safety and quality of service.

Professor Upik Kesumawati from the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Veterinary Medicine said that without pest control activities, the increase in pest population is expected to multiply and exponentially, especially mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches / cockroaches and rats.

If not controlled, the population will increase and can cause new cases

Moreover, cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) have begun to increase in some areas amid the spread of the COVID19 virus. For data from the Ministry of Health, as of April 7, 2020, dengue fever has reached 41. 091 cases with 260 deaths among others.

Professional Pest Control In Bali

We are Professional Pest Control In Bali Specialists in eradicating all pests in offices, property, warehouses, industries that have been proven professionals in their fields and have official permission from the health department.

Professional Pest Control In Bali

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