May 8, 2021

Professional Pest Control Bali – The Indonesian Pest Control Industry Association (ASPPHAMI) collaborated with Media Artha Sentosa, PT (MAS) to hold a 2020 Indonesian Pest Control Business Outlook meeting. 2020 following the promotion of industrial trends in all business areas, including in the field of pest control services.

The meeting was attended by 80 participants, consisting of closely linked associations, industry leaders, representatives from multinational industries, media and academia.

A very hot issue that is often discussed is the pest control business opportunities in 2020, as well as the readiness of business actors and stakeholder support to experience industry trends in Indonesia.

The pest control market in Indonesia is still quite good. As an industry, residential pest control has a fairly large market capacity. The pest control market in Indonesia continues to grow from year to year, exploring the growth of industries that use pest control services such as the hotel industry, hospitals, restaurants, food and beverages, office buildings and others.

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But we are obliged to explore developments in the business cycle, not only in terms of the conventional industry where we provide services, but also the quality of human resources in the midst of the automation trend.

Currently, he said, the market trend for the pest control industry has begun to shift. The implementation of the new technology was intense and took place quickly. The business operating system has changed, from conventional to modern. The group hopes that the human resources in the pest control industry can make adjustments, adjust quickly and have the expertise to implement new technologies.

Dialogue over consumer information in 2018, pest control business in Indonesia is still dominated by Business to Business (B2B) transactions such as large industries and more, construction, food plants during harvest, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, mining, tourism, malls, office buildings etc.

All stakeholders in the pest control industry in Indonesia want to gather at the Pest Academy, a kind of reliable pest control, chemical and equipment suppliers, researchers, academics, government officials and other delegates to share the latest research findings, the latest technology and exchange experiences.

We also want to link speakers and exhibition participants from America, Japan, Germany, Australia, China and others. The ASPPHAMI DPP Expert Council which is also the Expert Committee of the Ministry of Health, the current growth of the pest control industry in Indonesia has been quite good, the players of pest control in Indonesia have implemented the concept of the latest pest control procedures called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Most people / actors in the pest control industry have practiced IPM which upholds integrated pest control with the use of pesticides as the last alternative medicine. Not only that, for him, human energy sources that participate in the pest control industry in Indonesia are quite competent and use area-friendly equipment.

The government reports its support for the application of the Pest Academy for disease vector control in Indonesia through advanced technologies.

We support Pest Academy 2020. This is a place to expand knowledge and the latest technological growth in the field of more professional pest control. This is a great opportunity to share technological innovations among countries and players in the pest control industry.

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