May 8, 2021

Entering the rainy season, a crowd of flies began to appear

Are you feeling it right now?

Professional Fly Exterminator Service – Their crowds are often annoying, especially when they invade our house. Flies are not only nuisance pests when buzzing near the house, but also carriers of disease.

Here are 5 facts about flies that you need to know, Umas Pest Control has summarized it for you:

Body Characteristics of Flies

Flies are generally gray colored and show 4 dark stripes on their chests. The length of the old flies is 4 to 7.5 millimeters in length. They have a slightly hairy body, a pair of wings and compound red eyes, which contain thousands of people’s lenses that allow them to have wider vision. Female flies are generally larger than males. Flies do not have teeth or stingers.

Reproduction in large numbers

Flies have a short life span, but they can rapidly reproduce in large numbers especially if not identified and controlled efficiently. The eggs of the house fly match the tiny grains of rice. The eggs hatch into larvae, also known as maggots.

Maggot patterned cream with an oily appearance. When they penetrate the cocooning session, the maggots raise their hard, black shell, legs, and outer wings, the conclusion of which comes as an aged fly. Female flies generally only mate once, but are able to create between 350- 900 eggs in their lifetime. The eggs, which are white and close to 1.2 millimeters long, can hatch in 12-24 hours in warm weather.

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Buzzing Sound

The very universal feature of the fly invasion is the arrival of the flies themselves. The flies create a buzzing sound which is the result of their 2 wings repeating themselves. Like many other pests, flies face a 4 phase life cycle. Depending on the circumstances, the growing time for the house to fly from egg to age may take as little as 6 days.

Active During the Day

House flies are generally only active during the day when they want to gather indoors on floors, rooms and ceilings. Outside, house flies sort to roam near plants, fence cables, trash cans and soil. At night, house flies are generally found resting 5 to 15 feet from the ground and close to food sources. Positioning themselves at the corners and edges of the room, they can survive cold times by hibernating

House flies tend to live within 1–2 miles from where they are born, but they have been documented to migrate up to 20 miles for a meal.

Has No Teeth

Because house flies do not have teeth, they can only eat liquids. However, they use their mouth sponges to dilute a lot of solid food through spitting or regurgitation. Their tongues are a kind of straw to suck up food. House flies eat a variety of substances such as human food, animal carcasses, and garbage. They are very attracted to pet waste because of its strong smell.

Professional Fly Exterminator Service

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