July 29, 2021

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Indonesia is a country with a tropical climate and has a greater opportunity for the mosquito population to increase. Indonesia is famous for its various islands, one of which is Bali.

Mosquitoes have various types as well as other animals. But what you should know is, there are types of mosquitoes that are dangerous to death for humans. Unexpectedly, such a small animal can have a detrimental impact on us as humans.

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Professional bali fogging services is one of the well-known fogging services in Bali, Who would have thought that mosquitoes could still be everywhere and be a threat to all of us. Based on our experience. population can also be reduced in a natural way. This method is easy on the pocket and the ingredients are easy to find.

Professional bali fogging services, we will explain natural ways that can be used to reduce mosquito populations. Hopefully this information can help those of you who want to know how to save and naturally to eradicate mosquitoes that can be done independently.

Here are 3 ways that Professional Bali Fogging Services will do


You just need to mix enough water with cinnamon oil. Then pour the mixture into a spray bottle. After that, you can spray the liquid in places that you think are often breeding grounds for mosquitoes in your home.

Telon Oil

Based on research by experts, lemon eucalyptus oil is effectively used as a mosquito repellent agent which is quite effective. Research shows that lemon oil can repel mosquitoes for up to three hours of use.

How to get rid of mosquitoes with lemon oil is to pour this lemon oil into a sterilized spray bottle. Then spraying on parts of the body that are prone to mosquito bites such as arms, legs, neck, and others. Apply evenly on the skin. Although lemon oil is a natural ingredient, it is not recommended to apply it to the skin of children under the age of three.

Basil Leaves
The use of basil is one way to repel mosquitoes next. Not only beneficial for the health of the body, plants that have this distinctive aroma are not liked by mosquitoes.

How to repel mosquitoes using basil is not difficult. Simply put basil leaves that have been washed clean in places where there are mosquito nests such as hangers, corners of the house, and so on.

Based on our experience with Professional bali fogging services, mosquito growth can be very fast so it is quite difficult to handle yourself. We are here as your solution if you want to save your time in dealing with a high mosquito population.

We do not only provide fogging, but there are some special treatments that can be done to overcome the problem of mosquitoes in your environment. We have a special method that is very unique and original and solves the problem of mosquitoes completely. Do you want your loved ones to suffer from mosquito-borne diseases? Prevent and overcome from now on!

Professional bali fogging services

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