April 27, 2021

All countries in the world are still preoccupied with overcoming the outbreak of the new type of corona virus or SARS CoV-2 which is currently sweeping the world. One of the campaigns campaigned for the prediction of the spread of Covid-19 is to make sure that your hands and objects near you are clean from germs as well as viruses. Therefore, the recommendation to wash hands with soap and sterilize the area close to disinfectant is 2 things that are often heard.

The prevention guidelines are reasonable given the extent of the spread of the plague that continues to spread. It is almost 1 year since the outbreak of the corona virus or SARS CoV-2 has infected more than 100 thousand people in dozens of countries around the world. Listed Indonesia.

Antiseptic and disinfectant comparison

It is believed that contaminated palms can carry the virus into the body or spread it to others by means of physical contact or shaking hands. On the other hand, viruses can also live on the surface of inanimate objects.

To avoid infection, the surface of the hand must be cleaned using soap that has an antiseptic. If you have no access to water, you can change it with hand sanitizer or hand sanitizer that has antiseptic properties. Instead for inanimate objects, you can use a disinfectant.

Although together to limit or kill microorganisms, antiseptics and disinfectants also have the use of different chemical content measurements. But so some people do often use the 2 designations interchangeably. And this routine often raises doubts to distinguish the two in everyday life.

Reporting from the Health Line, the basic comparison of the two is their use. Antiseptic is used for the body, while disinfectant on non-living items such as door handles, PCs or tables.

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Is it good to use regular antiseptic and disinfectant

Both antiseptics and disinfectants have chemical contents that are often identified with biocides. Hydrogen peroxide is an example of a universal ingredient in both. But antiseptics generally have a lower concentration than disinfectants.

Disinfectant Services Price says antiseptics are chemical compounds to kill or limit the development of microorganisms in living tissue, such as the surface of the skin and mucous membranes.

Good result from antiseptic and disinfectant

The use of antiseptics is highly recommended to kill microorganisms such as viruses and germs that stick to the hands. Therefore, there are many antiseptics in soap and hand sanitizers.

The use of antiseptics is highly recommended when there is a disease epidemic listed by the corona virus because it can slow the spread of the disease

The antiseptic method of action kills microorganisms, initially through oxidation with fat in cells so that the microorganisms are immediately damaged and die. Or it can directly hit the cytoplasm so that it can directly interfere with microorganism cells.

In contrast to disinfectants, chemicals used kill microorganisms on inanimate objects. Disinfectants are generally sprayed directly on items. Something like that was tried on the tableware of Indonesian citizens from Wuhan who at that time wanted to be observed in Natuna.

Using soap or hand sanitizer has antiseptic means to kill microorganisms … Meanwhile, disinfectants for inanimate objects

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