October 19, 2020

Corona virus or often referred to as Covid-19 is no stranger to hearing recently. Since the first time the corona has infected residents in Wuhan – China, it is still very widespread. In Indonesia too. Reporting from the data from the Minister of Health, corona sufferers in Indonesia have not experienced a decline, in fact the curve of its spread is increasing.

Several health methods and protocols have been proposed to prevent the spread of corona from becoming more widespread. Apart from maintaining health with adequate nutrition and vitamins, carrying out social distancing, and complying with the protocol for using masks, there is one more method that is still being implemented, namely spraying disinfectants. But is spraying disinfectant effective against corona?

Definition of Disinfectant

Disinfectants are chemicals used to kill fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Disinfectants can also be used to clean dirt that sticks to a surface. The main content contained in a powerful disinfectant formula to kill pantogens in fungi, bacteria and viruses by damaging the cells contained in fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Is Dinsifektan effective in preventing corona?

Seeing its deadly function, fungi, bacteria and viruses, disinfectants are considered effective in preventing the spread of the corona virus. The disinfectant is effectively sprayed once a month in your environmental area for maximum results in the spread of corona.

What kinds of disinfectants are safe to use?

Disinfectants circulating in the community have many kinds of brands and types. One of the disinfectants that are environmentally friendly and safe for humans is the ox-virin type. This type of disinfectant has been sold in the market, so you can buy it and use it at home or office as an independent anticipation measure.

Having trouble finding Ox-Virin type disinfectants?

The high demand for disinfectants has made the distribution of disinfectants scarce. Moreover, the ox-virin type disinfectant which is allegedly more environmentally friendly and safer. Getting a disinfectant at a disinfectant service is one solution.

We from Umas Pest Control as professional Bali disinfectant service are here as a solution for those of you who are difficult to find Ox-Virin type disinfectants. We not only sell products, but we are also ready to help you in spraying disinfectants throughout your room. No matter the size of the room or small, we are ready to carry out a careful, detailed, thorough inspection to ensure we leave your room feeling comfortable because it has helped you minimize the spread of corona in your location. With complete equipment and a certified team, our services are the easiest solution to free you and your family from the spread of the corona virus. Save your family and yourself with the first steps to prevent the corona virus using a disinfectant.

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