16 Mar
  • The active ingredients: Imidacloprid 200 g / liter
  • Formulators: PT. Bayer Indonesia
  • To control termites and beetle wood powder
  • Packaging : 1 box contains 40 bottles of 250 ml

Why Premise 200 SL is different?

  • Non repellent: Termites when through a land that has been applied not feel and realize that will be in contact with Premise 200 SL and eventually die.
  • Low Dose: with an average dose of one tenth of the dose of other termiticide has been able to effectively control termites.
  • Water-based technology: only soluble in water and does not contain oil that is safe for operators and homeowners. Occupants can enter the home as soon as the application is completed.
  • Not easily leached or washed into deeper soil layers, so as to protect the building longer.
  • Lateral Soil Movement (NGO): when applied will spread in all directions in the soil and will provide protection evenly and continuously.
  • Plus Nature: has a unique way of working where termites will die if exposed to a dose recommendation, while at lower doses cause termite susceptible to soil microbes and eventually die.
  • Elimination: work slowly so as to allow termites contact with Premise 200 SL and will infect other termites in the colony so that it can control the entire colony.
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