16 Mar

Phostoxin 56 Tb (Drug Warehouse Pest Fumigation) Small & Medium Flask Flask

Phostoxin 56 Tb:
Fumigants are Shaped Tablet Round (Round Tablet) as an active substance Aluminium Phosphide 56%, Practical And Easy To Use For Controlling Pests sits in storage.
Alp Active ingredient 56%, Shape Round Tablets, 334 Packaging 100 Tablets Per Tablet And Cans
Packaging: Cans

Manufacturers: Detia Degesch
Dr.-Werner – Freybergh-StraBe 11, Laudenbach / German


– Highly Effective Controlling Pests In Warehouse.
– Turn off the entire Stadia Hama
– Overcome Hama Yang Located in Packaging
– Residues from contaminating
– Not Leaving Aroma Or Adding Flavor
– Damaging the Ozone.

Dose recomendasi (PH3):

  • Silo ………………. 2-5Gr / Ton (M3)
  • Ordinary warehouse …. 3-6Gr / Ton (M3)
  • The room, Stacks, Containers …. 1, 5-2Gr / Ton (M3)
  • Tobacco …. 1 g / M3

Aeration time:

Minimal time is 3-6 hours, except for tobacco, Animal Feed And Food That Is Processed 48 Hours Until Allowable Concentration Limits

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