Termites is social insects eating the cellulose and is one of the actors who restore the natural balance of nutrients to the soil, Along with the development of human life, ecosystem change and land clearing that was once a living trees and termites, now the human settlements. Thus the termites will adapt in order to survive. All the elements of material containing cellulose will be targeted of termites such as frames, cabinets, particle board, cardboard, books, fabrics, up plafond and roofs detected as a source of food.

The way it works is very difficult to detect, slowly but surely, wood and beams that can be seen intact but in is eroded or empty, and therefore the installation of termite treatment is the solution to the protect your home or property avoid the termites in the long term. Umas pest controls provide these services with a maximum warranty period. Contact us and we will immediately provide management solution termite control in your property.

Types of termite

Subterranean termite

Social insects and always live in groups , forming colonies in a very large kingdom is under the soil surface, capable of damage the structure of the building without being detected through a hidden path, barely visible in the foundation, wall or floor of a building, a group of termites is often found in the new housing complex , building of construction is become a supplier of food for termites, the termite colony is no difference of caste naturally in order to determine the division of labor among termites. There is the king the queen termite can spawn 3000 times a day, swarming, troops of war. Task types within each caste done systematically and consistently.

Dry wood termite

Colonies of dry wood termites in the identification of the type of food, these insects are not too dependent on the water, they are specifically looking for objects that contain elements of wood, dry wood termites do not live in the soil, but lived in the wood like a roof structure, and etc

Our long-term experience in the pest control field has established us as the local professionals. We pride ourselves in serving our surrounding community with our unparalleled service standards. Not having protection against termite infestations can be a costly mistake—but we are here to save your home & your wallet!


umas termite protection ensures that we inspect, treat, and protect your residence—all while keeping you educated and informed regarding our processes. We are your neighborhood experts and we are here to serve you.

• The first step of our termite control services is the inspection. Our professionals examine your home or business thoroughly, searching for areas where termites may be living or congregating. This can include inspection of pipes and areas under your home or business, looking for hidden or visible termite activity; and checking for moisture or unwanted water.

• The prescription is basically a plan, based on collected information, for effective treatment or appropriate prevention. With careful explanation, we suggest products and services to handle your current problems and to prevent future harms by termites. For the prescription best to fit your needs, we offer a variety of products and application treatments, including green solutions.

• The most sensitive part of the process is the treatment. Our professionals have precise knowledge of the details of all ingredients in our different products. We perform the treatment with great care, securing your health and your property.

• During the whole process, we highly emphasize good communications. We want the customer to understand fully each step in the process, including details of the suggested treatment. After the treatment, we provide a comprehensive report for you to know exactly which products were used and which services were performed. Never hesitate to ask us about the details of the treatment or bring up any concerns about the process.

• We will call you a few days after the treatment to guarantee it has been successful. You are also welcome to contact us anytime with questions or comments on our services. If you are not 100% satisfied, we provide corrective services at no additional charge. We do not rest until your problem has been solved!

Umas Termite Controls provide these services with a maximum warranty period. Contact us 081 337 55 3373 or 0361 4733 218 or email : umaspestcontrol@yahoo.co.id and we will immediately provide management solution termite control in your property.

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