Potential Health Risks

There are several reasons you should eradicate roaches in your home. Because of their indiscriminate eating habits, roaches can carry pathogens into your food and spread diseases.  Additionally, roach droppings and shed skins are a major cause of allergies and can be particularly dangerous to anyone with asthma. Effective pest control solutions from UMAS can eliminate roach infestations faster!

Because a single roach can lay up to 300 eggs, infestations can quickly get out of control. A few cockroaches can multiply to thousands within months, and destroying a large infestation can be challenging. Cockroaches are very adaptable, and they can quickly develop a resistance to poisons. This is why special methods of pest control are needed against roaches.

Cockroach Prevention

Common prevention measures include:


Keeping your area clean of leftover food, grease and other organic waste These are all potent food sources and if you do not provide them with these, they will be compelled to go food hunting elsewhere.They will simply not even bother to come inside your home. Make sure you clean or wipe up any standing water in your home. Since they mainly come out to look for water, if you make this resource harder for them to find, they will not feel that welcome in your home!

Store Food Properly

Storing food in airtight jars or stacking them away in the refrigerator is another suitable method.

Maintain a Dry Environment

Cockroaches always need water to survive. So make sure you fix any leaking water issues and remove the excess water from the sink to make life and survival more difficult for them.

Vacuum Regularly

Using a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis will ensure cleaner premises and another reason why cockroaches will have nothing to eat inside your home.

If the way you have done and still there are cockroaches appear,

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