Signs of Mosquito

Mosquito belong to the same group as the true flies. As such, they have a single pair or wings. They typically have long, thin legs, and a head featuring a prominent proboscis. Mosquito bodies and wings most often are covered in tiny scales. Adult sizes may range from 3-9mm.

Mosquito Infestation Signs

Annoying signs of mosquiot activity include the buzzing of the females and their bites. People have different reactions to bites, ranging from mild irritation to intense inflammation and swelling.

Signs of the immatures are their presence in standing water, which also can include watering dishes of containerized house plants.

Mosquito Control Solution

Umas pest control  has designed a program that is geared toward reducing mosquito populations around the home. Since mosquitoes can travel distances and you have no control over forested areas or swamp areas, you can’t totally eliminate mosquitoes around your home, even with our help. However, our service has been proven to reduce this pest to acceptable levels. Contact your Umas pest control to inquire further

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