Signs of Flies

More than 100 pathogens are associates with the house fly, including Salmonella, Staphylococcus, E-coli, and Shigella. there pathogens can cause disease in human and animals, including typhoid fever, cholera, Bacillary dysentery and Hepatitis.

Flies are a common cause of food contamination and food poisoning. When flies infest your property and land on surfaces, they can spread all the bacteria and pathogens they have on their bodies.

Flies Infestation Signs

The presence of flies is widely considered unsightly and could harm the reputation of a business. Fly control is especially important for businesses that handle food, including restaurants, food processing facilities, hotels, grocery stores, hospitals, schools, etc.

Flies Control Solution

The best way to repel flies is through simple, preventive measures.

  • Limit access to your home as much as possible, keeping doors and windows closed.
  • Keep garbage cans clean and securely closed.
  • Keeping surfaces clean will make your home less appealing to flies.
  • For best results, contact a pest control professional to discuss extermination options.

Hiring an experienced company that provides fly control services is a homeowner’s best bet to eliminate the presence of flies and prevent infestations from recurring. Call us for complete solution!

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