March 12, 2021

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This is the data that Pest Control Services have and will provide a little education for you so that the application of drugs / chemicals to places where there are pests is more effective.

1). physical control

Physical pest control is an effort or effort in utilizing or changing physical environmental factors so as to reduce pest and disease populations. Physical pest control measures can be carried out in several ways, namely; heating, burning, cooling, wetting, drying, light trapping, infrared radiation, sound waves and barriers / fences / barriers.

2). mechanical control

Pest and disease control mechanically, namely control that is carried out manually by humans. Mechanical control can be done in a simple way, requires a lot of labor and a long time, is low in effectiveness and efficiency, but does not have a negative effect on the environment. Some examples of mechanical action in pest control include the following:
a). collecting pests and their eggs by hand,
b). rogesan, namely cutting sugarcane shoots that are attacked by sugarcane shoot borer (Schirpophaga nivella),
c). pruning branches, twigs or other parts of plants that are attacked by pests or diseases,
d). booty, which is the collection of all the fruit when there is a heavy attack on the coffee fruit borer (stephanoderes hampei),
e). gropyokan, namely hunting for rat pests in a large area simultaneously,
f). installation of pest traps,
g). fruit wrapping

3). culture control techniques

Pest and disease control using technical culture, namely controlling pests and diseases through a system or method of farming. several actions in farming methods that can reduce or suppress populations and pest attacks, among others, are as follows;

a). reduce the suitability of pest ecosystems by carrying out sanitation, host modification, water management, and land management,
b). disturbing the continuity of providing the necessities of life for pests, namely carried out by means of crop rotation, burial and planting simultaneously over a large area,
c). diversion of pest populations away from crops, for example by planting trap crops,
d). reduce the impact of pest damage by changing the tolerance of the host.

4). control with resistant varieties

namely reducing or suppressing pest populations, attacks and the level of damage to crops by planting varieties that are resistant to pests or diseases. This technique has long been applied by farmers. the advantage of this technique is that it is not expensive, effective and safe for the environment.

however, control with resistant varieties also has weaknesses and drawbacks, namely the expensive price of seeds / seedlings. if planted over a long period of time, their resistance properties are broken.

5). biological control

biological control is controlling pests or diseases by utilizing biological agents (natural enemies), namely predators, parasitoids, and pest pathogens. examples are as follows;

a). predators (animals whose body size is larger as a predator that eats smaller animals as prey); for example using snakes as predators of rats or coccinelid beetles as predators of aphids.

b). parasitoids (animals that live on or in the body of another larger animal that is the host); example of trichoderma sp, as a parasite on rice stem borer eggs.

c). pest pathogens (microorganisms that cause disease of pest organisms), these organisms include nematodes, protozoa, rickets, bacteria or viruses; for example paecilomyces sp. pathogenic fungus eggs of root pouch nematodes.

6). chemical control

Chemical pest and plant disease control using synthetic chemical pesticides is the last alternative if other control methods are not able to overcome the increase in pest population that has exceeded the control threshold. the purpose of using pesticides is a correction to reduce the pest or disease population to an equilibrium limit. the use of pesticides must also be right on target, on dose and on time.

from the above, please choose which one is suitable for pest control in your area, if you are still confused, please use our services that have been proven to be safe and reliable to handle all types of pests in your area, we provide free consultation and surveys for those of you who are direct contact us via whatsapp

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