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29 Jun

Pest Control Bali  – Currently, tourist attractions have started to reopen, foreign tourists are starting to busy visiting tourist objects. Locations that he likes to visit include Bali, Jogja, Bandung, Bogor, Jakarta. This location is often visited because there are various interesting tourist objects. Along with the increasing tourist arrivals, the needs related to hotels and villas become important. The services provided by the hotel should be as much as possible in order to give a pleasant impression to visitors.

There are various problems commonly faced by hotels, such as the discovery of various pests of rats, cockroaches, and other nuisance insects. An incident like this will have a bad impact on the hotel’s reputation. This can lead to decreased revenue due to reduced visitors to the Hotel/Villa.

Pest Control Tips For Hotels
Protect Enclosed Area

Closed areas that need to be considered are places commonly used to eat such as restaurants, cafes. Insects such as mice, cockroaches, flies, etc. really like places that contain food. The smell of food will attract the attention of flies, while cockroaches will search the trash for leftovers. Meanwhile, waterways are a favorite place for rats to live. As a hotel manager, these areas need to be kept clean so they are not contaminated from nuisance animals.

The most important place is the room, this place is used by visitors to rest. When you just enter the room, the mattress must be clean and free from insects. In the bathroom and closet there should be no cockroaches hanging around, because that would be very annoying.

Protect Open Area

In addition to the inside area of ​​the hotel, the open outside area must also be considered. The beautiful grass area outside the hotel is often a favorite place for mosquitoes to live, of course this will be very disturbing if hotel visitors feel uncomfortable because they are bitten by mosquitoes that roam around. In addition, the swimming pool area is also important to keep clean, because it has the potential to become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Pest Control Bali Services

Of course, the hotel does not want visitors who come to rest and enjoy hotel facilities to experience various disturbances from pests. Umas Pest Control understands that pest control in hotels with large areas will be difficult for the hotel staff to do themselves. We have various pest control programs that have been certified so that they are safe. If you want to do pest control for the hotel, you can contact Umas Pest Control. We provide free site checks to determine the best solution for pest management in hotels.


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