January 11, 2022

Pasca Construction Termite Bali – natural termite repellent is actually another name for plant-based insecticides. Of course natural insecticides with certain doses are effective for eradicating small insects such as termites and do not pollute the area. Here’s a method to eradicate termites naturally.

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When used for objects that are not directly related to the building structure, such as on cabinets, tables or other furniture, natural termite repellents can effectively eradicate termites. However, for subterranean termites that attack building structures, the use of natural termite repellents will only be useless.

To eradicate subterranean termites completely, you must eradicate them to their nests. Subterranean termite nests can be located more than 1 m below the ground. It could be that the termite colony that hit your house is nesting at the bottom of the house next door.

Vegetable insecticides are also not good to use as chemical barriers. Insecticide residues for chemical barriers can at least last more than 5 years according to Indonesian national standards (SNI). On the other hand, insecticides with the active ingredient Azadirachtin (neem oil) have a half-life in the soil of 3-44 days. Of course it is not effective if you have to do the injection every 2-3 months to maintain the chemical barrier.

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Pasca Construction Termite Bali

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