21 Mar

Optigard Ant 0,01 RB is a product that is very easy to use, contains 0.01% tiametoksam, berformulasi gel that is packaged in 30 gram atomizer. Tiametoksam works on beneficiaries nicotinic acetylcholine in the nervous system of insects, resulting in the death of an ant.

How it works is significantly different compared to other classes of insecticides are generally used for the control of ants, such as boric acid formulation, pyrethroids, phenylpyrazoles (fipronil), pyrroles (klorfenapir), etc.

Method of Application Optigard RB 0.01 Ant Bait Ant:
1. Perform spot placements in cracks or crevices where ants nesting or foraging pacing and / or in the area of ??the driveway into a structure.
2. Perform feed up to 1 gram of feed per spot. This product can be applied using a spray applicator or syringe feed.
3. Perform feed RB 0.01 Optigard Ant Bait Ant where the ants are seen pacing foraging or nesting.

Optigard Ant 0,01 RB excellence Bait Ant:
1. Controlling diverse types of ants widely, including Carpenter ants.
2. Any color and odor-free.
3. Not repellent (non-repellent) and can be moved, so as to control the worker ants, ant queens young and semutnya.
4. It still favored the ants for at least 14 days after feeding (indoor or outdoor).
5. Packaged in ready-made atomizer equipped sucker for ease of application.

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