April 27, 2021

Office Disinfectant Services – Not long ago, antiseptics, antibiotics, and disinfectants were often heard about because of the coronavirus (2019- nCoV) outbreak. Casualties due to the new type of corona virus which first spread in Wuhan, China continue to increase. The number of victims who died has reached more than 800 people. Meanwhile, the National Health Commission reported that the number of infected patients had jumped to 37,198 problems. This number is expected to continue to increase given the recent trend.

What is the comparison of these 3 drugs?

Antiseptics, antibiotics and disinfectants have different uses and roles in preventing the spread of microorganisms. Recognize the ratio of the three substances.

Drug specialists prescribe antiseptics are chemical compounds used to kill or limit the development of microorganisms in living tissue, such as the surface of the skin and mucous membranes.

The use of antiseptics is highly recommended to kill microorganisms such as viruses and germs that stick to the palms of the hands. Therefore, there are many antiseptics in soap and hand sanitizers.

The use of antiseptics is highly recommended when there is an epidemic of diseases such as the corona virus because it can significantly slow down the spread of the disease in the human body.

Antiseptics work by several methods to kill microorganisms. The beginning can be oxidized with fat in the cells so that the microorganisms are immediately damaged and die. Can also directly hit the cytoplasm so that it directly disrupts the cells of microorganisms.

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What are antibiotics?

On the other hand, antibiotics are chemicals that are produced from certain microorganisms to kill microorganisms in the body.

Antibiotics are used based on doctor’s formulas to kill disease-causing microorganisms. Antibiotics work by destroying germ cell chambers, so the germs die.

There are also disinfectants, which are chemicals used to kill microorganisms in inanimate objects. Disinfectants are generally sprayed directly on goods. Something like that was tried on the tableware of Indonesian citizens from Wuhan, which is located in Natuna.

Using soap or hand sanitizer has an antiseptic means to kill microorganisms. Instead, antibiotics are taken by mouth or injected. Meanwhile, disinfectants for inanimate goods,

In fact, the three drugs are almost the same in use, it’s just that the method of use differs depending on what you need.

Office Disinfectant Services

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