Nusa Dua Danger With Mosquitoes Dengue
24 Oct

The Nusa Dua area is famous from an elite area and an area that is often singled out by important people around the world, from the Arab Saudia sultans to famous artists in the world staying in the area. And there is a Devdan show that is very popular with foreign tourists.

Even though this area is very familiar with the presence of mosquitoes, in the Nusa Dua area there are many trees and lots of puddles which are caused by the uneven surface of the land planted with trees there.

The Nusa Dua Fogging Service often gets calls for fogging the Nusa Dua area because this area is no stranger to the international world


Fogging is one of the prevention activities for DHF (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever) which is carried out when DHF transmission occurs through spraying insecticides in the area around DHF cases which aim to break the chain of disease transmission

From the data of Nusa Dua Fogging Service, two fogings can be divided into 2, namely:

  1. Fogging Focus Is the eradication of dengue mosquitoes by means of fumigation focused on the area where the suspect / dengue sufferer is found.
  2. Bulk Fogging Is a fumigation activity simultaneously and thoroughly when DHF occurs in the area / region

Effectiveness of Fogging for Overcoming Dengue Fever

Fogging or fumigation is done as a method of controlling the factors that cause DHF, namely the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Usually this activity is carried out using a machine that can emit smoke filled with insecticides.

This insecticide will then work to kill adult mosquitoes that cause the spread of DHF. Usually, there are several types of insecticides used, including malathion, cypermetrin, alfacypermetrin, pirimiphos-methyl, temephos, and pyriproxyfen.

You need to know that fogging is believed to be effective as a response to an extraordinary event (KLB) or an outbreak of dengue fever in an area, namely when the adult mosquito population is high. Fogging quickly decreases the mosquito population.

Before Fogging This Mosquito What You Should Do At Home?

Putting clothes in a tight place

fogging service Nusa Dua gives a little information, if in the home environment it is announced that fogging will be carried out, the first thing you do is put all objects that are prone to odors into a closed or impermeable place. For example, your clothes and the whole family. Cover the clothes with plastic or cloth. Then close your cupboard tightly.

Securing Food Equipment

store all food and drink in the refrigerator or storage cabinet. You can also cover food with plastic wrap or aluminum foil before placing it in the cupboard.

Protect Yourself from Fogging Fumes

After storing everything that is susceptible to odors from fogging smoke, the next step that is quite important is to protect yourself. So, wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth area. You can also cover your hair with a shower cap or pashmina so you don’t smell it. It is even better if you are not in the house while the smoking is in progress.

Open the ventilation of your house as wide as possible

The smell of smoke may be left in the house after this process takes place. Often times the floor of the house will feel slippery. In order for the house to feel fresh and clean, the maximum openings for each vent in your house. First thing, open the windows and doors wide so that smoke and smells circulate with fresh air from outside. You can also use a fan.

Remove Mosquito Fogging Residue

If during the fogging process you and your family are around the house, you should immediately change your clothes and take a shower until they are clean so that there is no residual insecticide fumes attached. wash the clothes you use during the process separately from other clothes. If you forget to store cutlery in the cupboard during fogging, wash the equipment clean using water and laundry soap.


So far, Nusa Dua Fogging Service has not found any events caused by the implementation of fogging, but before carrying out fogging activities, you must know the correct procedures for doing and choosing the right materials for carrying out this fogging activity, namely:

Concentration of Fogging Material

The concentration of the ingredients used must refer to a trusted label and brand.

Wind Speed and Direction

In doing fogging, the wind direction must be considered. Speed will affect smoking outdoors. For outdoor space spray ranges from 1-4 / second or about 3.6-15 km / hour. Wind is needed to bring the smoke into the crevices of the building, but if it is too strong, the smoke will quickly disappear into the wind.


The fogging time must be adjusted to the peak activity of the Aedes aegypti mosquito which is actively looking for prey in the morning around 07.00-10.00, and in the afternoon around 14.00-17.00.

Are There Any Methods Other Than Fogging To Limit Mosquito?

According to the expert, the role of the community in maintaining mutual cleanliness is crucial. The 3M program needs to be carried out in a sustainable manner, especially when the rainy season arrives. The 3M program includes:


raining is done with the intention of cleaning places that are often used as water reservoirs such as bathtubs, water buckets, drinking water reservoirs, and so on.


Close tightly water reservoirs such as jugs, drums, water toren, and the like to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.


Burying or recycling used items that have the potential to become breeding grounds for dengue fever mosquitoes. Areas such as trash cans or stagnant water surfaces that are not aware of are very potential breeding grounds for mosquito larvae. Moreover, mosquito larvae cannot be eradicated through the fogging method. Thus, maintaining cleanliness in the area in the house and also around the house is the key to preventing the emergence of the mosquito population that causes dengue fever. However, if fogging is a method that is carried out, you should consider a few things so that it is truly optimal and not just spray.

Is There Any Other Way, I Don’t Have Time To Do 3M

a solution for those of you who do not have time because you are busy working or taking care of a business that often takes your spare time to clean or to care for your home / office area so that it does not become a nest or house for mosquitoes which will have a negative impact on the health of families and employees in the area .

Our Nusa Dua Fogging Service provides FREE initial consultation for those of you who will still be confused, what to do with an environment that has become a mosquito nest or that is still detected for indications of dengue fever mosquitoes

We Have 2 Treatment Methods That You Can Choose With Your Individual Needs.

Fogging Treatment: This is very suitable to be done outside the room with environmentally friendly materials. The smoke released is suitable for killing mosquitoes in culverts and septic tanks.
Missblower Treatment: this tool is no less effective at eradicating mosquito pests, this tool does not emit smoke like fogging but emits steam, this tool is 3x more effective than fogging.

The Nusa Dua Fogging Service provides a promo every time we join the fogging program for 3 times, we provide FREE disinfectant, for more information, please contact directly below.

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