17 Jan

Neem is one of the most valuable multi-purpose species least exploited amongst tropical trees for its potential. It is outstanding example of the species which is highly efficient in restoring soil productivity and simultaneously providing fodder, fire wood and other products to meet basic needs in the rural households like medicines, pesticide, mosquito repellants, fertilizers, diabetic food, lubricants, gums, agricultural implements, tooth paste, and tooth brush sticks.

Four centuries, neem oil has been very successfully used in the healing of tropical skin ailment including dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne, tinea, burns, rashes, ulcers, and cold sores.
NeemBa Oil is originally processed by cold press. Or Neem Oil is obtained through cold pressing the seeds of the fruit and use a triple-filtered purifying method.

The method of oil extraction does not use heat, chemicals or petrochemicals, thus retaining all of the well balanced nutrients which would otherwise be damaged or destroyed during the oil extraction process. The oil has slightly pungent aroma, is light golden colour and non-toxic to mammals.
Using of NeemBa Oil ( per 10 liters) :

1. Placed 50-70 ml NeemBa Oil into 1 liter of water and stir fast thoroughly becomes an emulsion.
2. Add emulsion into 9 liters of water and stir fast thoroughly .
3. It can directly use to spray the plantation.
4. Spray on leaves and sorround the root of plant.
5. Best time suggested is before 08.00 am and after 04.00 pm for application.

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