07 Dec

Mustang 25 EC is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide engineered high-tech environmentally friendly.

Mustang 25 EC is an insecticide that is highly effective contact and kill mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, flies. The active substance zeta sipermetrin will soon be absorbed through the skin or the respiratory and digestive tracts of insects. The substance is immediately attacked the vertices of nerves, so the insects will soon die.

Mustang 25 EC has a longer residual effect, so as to maintain a longer area of ​​the treatment of the investment of new pests. Mustang has a low vapor pressure so that the danger inhaled by operators and users is relatively small.

Technical specifications:

Active Ingredients : Zeta cypermethrin 25 gram / liter
Group : Synthetic Pyrethroids
Physical Properties : Fluids, Emulsiafable Brownish Yellow Colour Concentrate Soluble in water and diesel / kerosene and properly used method Residual Spraying, Thermal Fogging (fumigation) and ULV (Ultra Low Volume / fogging)
Packaging : @ 5-liter cans, bottles @ 1 Liter
Target : Mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, flies and other insects
Suggestion : Residual Spray (8-12 ml / liter of water) Thermal Fogging (150 ml / ha) ULV (fogging) (150 ml / ha)

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