16 Mar

Muscadown is a public health insecticides colored granules used as bait insect control flies are very effective.

Muscadown very fit its use in the environment of the hotel, restaurant / Cafe / Diner, plant food / feed mills, hospitals, sewage treatment plant, offices and residences, food stores, etc.

Advantages: This insecticide has the effect of Knock-Down Fast powerful and fast against the target insect, low toxicity to mammals, their durability (4-8 weeks), pemahit contain substances that prevent unintentional inedible, contain substances puller (sex pheromone) to attract flies clustered around grains Muscadown perch, as well as environmentally friendly.

Active Ingredients Azamethipos 1%
Granule shape (colored granules)
Packaging Pot (500 gr)
No. Registration RI.1225 / 4-2001 / T
Vendor / Formulators Biotech
Baiting applications (feed)
Target Pests Flies and cockroaches

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