December 3, 2021

Mosquito Fogging Bali – There are lots of mosquitoes in your house. Maybe most people are facing the same thing. Mosquitoes are vectors for spreading dengue fever, where dengue fever is the number one killer in the world. Talking about mosquitoes, mosquitoes are very annoying pests.

One of the groups is the isoptera. Mosquitoes bite humans and cause itching and of course a serious disease. There are so many types of mosquitoes in this world. What we are talking about this time is female mosquitoes and male mosquitoes.

Did you know that females bite humans or suck blood on humans. Why is that because female mosquitoes need protein for laying eggs.

The protein is obtained from human or animal blood. While male mosquitoes eat nectar and sap on plants as a source of nutrition.
Maybe many of us feel that Why only some people are bitten by mosquitoes? Even though they are in the same place.

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What blood type do mosquitoes prefer?

It turns out that there is research that proves that the cause is that blood type in humans, blood O is the highest standing for being bitten by mosquitoes, while blood group B is in the second position which is vulnerable to mosquito bites.

Blood types O and B emit certain chemical signals that make mosquitoes more attracted to suck their blood. Certain body parts that are most often bitten by mosquitoes are the feet. Why is that? Because there are a lot of bacteria attached to the feet which are also very attractive to mosquitoes.

Pregnant women are susceptible to mosquito bites, because pregnant women emit 21% more carbon dioxide than women who are not pregnant and also the body of women who are pregnant increases 0.7% of the body of women who are not pregnant. This is because mosquitoes are very comfortable in warm conditions.

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Mosquito Fogging Bali Is Solution?

Talking about carbon dioxide, mosquitoes are very happy with the smell of carbon dioxide and lactic acid and ammonia produced by the human body, therefore people who sweat or exercise who sweat exhibits explosive changes in carbon dioxide so that mosquitoes detect signals of changes in carbon dioxide consider it a host. right for them.

One of the diseases that are spread by mosquitoes is dengue fever or aides aegypti. Aides aigepty mosquitoes are very well developed in the lowlands. While in the highlands can not develop properly. Caused by the high density of residential settlements in the lowlands. This is because dengue fever mosquitoes only have a flight distance of 100 m which can be categorized as low. The Aedes aegypti mosquito has an anthropollic nature, which means it prefers human blood.

Humans have 3 types of skin glands, one of which is the eccrine gland. These glands have carboxylic molecules that distinguish the smell of humans and other mammals. This gland in the smell of the Aedes aegypti mosquito is very appetizing to bite or breathe blood.

Well, that’s a little discussion about mosquitoes and the things that mosquitoes like. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who want to know more about mosquitoes, thank you. If you need pest control services, you can contact Umas Pest Control Bali

Mosquito Fogging Bali

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