December 19, 2021

Mice exterminators bali – Rats are already considered dirty and dirty animals. This fauna is a eater of everything and likes to disturb, eat, and pollute the whole house. It’s not just food on the table.

Moreover, there are problems, rats often eat cables, soap, clothes, chairs, bags, etc. Therefore, the presence of rat pests is highly undesirable. Especially if there are mice nesting in the house. This thing is definitely annoying. So various methods of getting rid of or eliminating mice are tried to avoid the presence of these rodents in your home.

It will be dangerous if this one pest has entered the house, and rats are also dirty animals that can stimulate the presence of dangerous diseases. Like Hanta virus, murine typhus and leptospirosis, so that it is not easy to get rid of mice, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be tried.

Methods of repelling rats are usually tried, such as using rat toxin, mouse glue, rat gel and using pest control services. But the surefire way to get rid of mice at home can also be tried by using natural ingredients that are easily available.

7 Surefire methods to get rid of rat pests by the method

  • Using Onions
    The next surefire way to get rid of mice is to use onions. Onion is very efficient to repel mice naturally. The smell of onions is thought to be rats very disgusting. Rats do not like the smell of this one kitchen spice. Place the onion in a place that mice often come to or in a hiding place for mice to make sure the mice don’t want to stay there for long.
  • Using Leftover Durian Peel
    The surefire method of getting rid of rats is by using durian skin. the skin of this one fruit can be used as a method of repelling rats or other rodents. Rat repelling method by using the skin. The trick is to cut the durian skin off, then place it in places frequented by rats. Not only does it have sharp thorns, the pungent smell of durian is a surefire way to get rid of rats.
  • Using Leftover Eggshell
    Egg shells also have properties to repel mice efficiently. The trick is to grind the egg shells into a powder. Sprinkle the eggshell powder in places where mice often pass Using Pepper Powder the surefire method of getting rid of rat pests is to use ground pepper and apply it pepper powder in rat nests or in places where rats often miss the piperine compounds contained in pepper are very pungent and will make mice feel insecure, stagnate and leave.

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