December 16, 2021

We as mice control near me want to provide interesting information about mice. Mice are rodents that can transmit various diseases. One of the diseases transmitted by rats is Leptospirosis. The attitude of sanitation in the area is an activity to prevent the formation of disease transmission that is transmitted by mice.

The presence of mice is one of the markers of the lack of sanitation in the area, so that it becomes a factor in transmitting leptospirosis to residents. Sanitation is also very important in a food processing industry, such as factories, food warehouses and others. Sanitation very important for mice problem because to ensure the avoidance of cross-contamination of food products that are made or placed. Maintenance and sanitation activities include maintenance and sanitation of buildings, facilities and equipment, handling of waste and pest control. What does it mean to sanitize a zone in pest control activities? Is that your problem? Ok if we have a dialogue about pest control, of course we want to find out what the pest is? Where did the mice arrive from?

How do mice get in?

As we said before as a mice control near me, pests are living things that have an instinct to survive and find food, if pests are found in a certain area, there must be a reason. So to identify the source of the presence of pests, there are 3 aspects that we must pay attention to, namely:

  • The beginning is “Water”, there is a water source
  • The second is “Food”, there is a source of food for pests
  • The third is “Harbourage”, there is a place that is supportive for pest nests.

That means, so that pests don’t come into our area, so we must avoid the presence of these 3 factors, for example what we can do ourselves is to avoid standing water which can be a breeding ground for pests, avoiding the presence of leftover food in our work area, adjusting not to put or pile up some items that have not been used for a very long time because they can become nests for pests.

The series of activities away from or the process of avoiding the presence of these 3 aspects is what is called sanitation in pest control. So, sanitation or cleanliness of an area is “very important” in achieving successful pest control.

Sometimes many residents want their homes, restaurants or areas to be free of pests, while they are not aware of the poor sanitation in their area. Even though we have used a pest control service industry, if there is no cooperation in protecting sanitation, then pests will not be easily controlled

The Best Way to Get Rid of Mice from home

1. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is the starting point and is very important for a healthy home. A clean home area almost certainly means healthy. On the other hand, a dirty area of ​​the house, full of dust, garbage, and even other dirt will easily introduce viruses, germs, bacteria, and of course unwanted pests. Keeping the house clean is one of the surefire guidelines for a healthy area. Make sure to always sweep the floor, take out the trash, clean the dust from the furniture, and also wipe the windows. Not only that, the cleanliness of areas such as gardens and the front of the house is no less important.

2. Air circulation

Stuffy home conditions will easily introduce viruses and germs. Not to mention it’s easy for mold and bacteria to thrive in humid areas of the house. Make sure that all parts of the house have good air circulation. The entry and exit of this air will also help to stay away from humid areas. Air circulation should indeed be brought in through the window. This is a very easy way to make sure there is a change of air in the house. But if it is not possible to use a window, use a special exhaustion fan that will help to circulate air in the room of the house. Make sure all rooms in the house have good air circulation, yes!

3. Sunshine

Like the circulation of air, sunlight is very important for healthy home conditions. Every part of the room in the house should have the opportunity to get sunlight. A room that does not have time to be exposed to sunlight is very susceptible to humidity. So that germs, fungi, and bacteria will be very easy to grow and multiply. It’s just that, if there are parts of the house that cannot be exposed to sunlight, make sure to use the right lighting. Avoid using neon lights that will only make the house bright and the room hot. Lighting from these lamps will also help to avoid moisture and germs that may arise.

4. Pay attention to the humidity of the house

Often, even though you have confirmed that the room in the house gets good sunlight and air circulation, it still feels humid. This can happen if the room in the house is close to a water source. Or even more so because of the condition of the soil at the house. Humid house rooms are very risky for health. Be sure to pay attention to the humidity level in the house. Currently there are various technologies to check temperature and humidity. If the water content in the air in the house is large, then the room will become humid. For that you can use a humidifier or other equipment to deal with humidity in the house. You can also use other moisture neutralizers.

5. Make a healthy home

Cockroaches, mice, mosquitoes, termites and other pests are one of the characteristics of an unhealthy home. Moreover, the number of ants in the house is a symptom of an unclean house. To make a healthy home, first make sure that there are no animals that become pests. No mosquitoes, flies or mice in the house.Freeing the house from pests is not easy. The cleaning process alone is sometimes not enough to get rid of pests from the house. In this situation, you can use methods such as using mouse and mosquito traps, avoiding food from flies, using a spray for cockroaches. Especially if you need to use the services of a pest exterminator for your home.

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