July 31, 2021

Bali Fumigai Services – There are several methods and methods for killing archive destroying pests such as anoxia fumigation, manipulating room temperature and pressure, insecticides, and fumigation using toxic gases. These methods and methods can be tried as long as they are friendly, efficient and effective.

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However, in this guide, the Archives Fumigation Process method uses fumigants (toxic gases). The choice of fumigation using SF and PH3 fumigants both on or liquid is because it is more efficient and effective, does not leave residue, is area friendly.

The archive fumigation process using SF and PH3 fumigants consists of 3 sessions, namely

  • Archive Fumigation Preparation
  • Implementation of Archive Fumigation
  • Post Fumigation Archives.

Fumigation preparation

Preparation is a significant stage of file fumigation because this process ensures success. There are several things that need to be considered in the preparation of archive fumigation as follows:

Archival fumigation technical requirements

On technical requirements we focus on archive fumigation rooms as well as Standard Operating Procedures.

Archive Fumigation Room can be tried in some rooms, such as

  • static archive storage space
  • dynamic archive storage space
  • vital archive room
  • transit room
  • containers or special rooms designed for archive fumigation.

Some of the things that need to be considered before implementing archive fumigation are as follows:

  • Check carefully the seal or rubber door of the room
  • confirm that there is no damage that occurs in the room and nothing that is located between the room and the
  • door of the room that can limit the perfection of the closing
  • confirm that the ventilation of the room has been tightly closed

Bali Fumigation Services

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