March 6, 2021

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“There is no day without mosquitoes” yaa .. that’s the fact wherever we are almost every day we will definitely have time to encounter mosquitoes. both at home, at the office, in the park, everywhere, the main thing is that the mosquito is never absent. In fact, according to the expert, from the data from the Mosquito Control Service, the mosquito net is able to adapt to extreme environmental conditions, it can even survive and breed in Antarctica, the coldest place in the world, so it sounds impossible if there is a place free of mosquitoes.

But, do you know? There is a mosquito-free place.
Surely friends do not believe that that place exists, precisely in the country of Iceland which is on the European Continent which is far away. You must be wondering how come you can be free in Iceland mosquito free?

It could be that the Icelanders don’t know that there are mosquito-type insects on this earth.
Well, there is a little information why there are no mosquitoes in Iceland, as follows: Extreme winter in Iceland. Iceland with its extreme cold,

As a result, the land will be covered by snow while rivers and lakes will freeze, this condition is certainly a natural treatment from nature to prevent mosquitoes from reproducing and eventually the cycle of development of mosquitoes will be interrupted. In addition, the structure of water and soil in Iceland does not allow mosquitoes to survive.

And what is no less important is that Iceland is one of the 2nd cleanest countries based on the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) Score, cleanliness is the key to Iceland’s success in becoming a Mosquito-free country.

For those of you who think, “Well, that’s Iceland, not Indonesia, it’s different broo” … So let’s look friends, we can’t make winter in tropical Indonesia, but we need to realize that by minimizing puddles around our homes independently means we have broken the chain of mosquito breeding around our own homes first,

It would be better if other people simultaneously apply the same thing, it will certainly increase the success of friends in controlling mosquitoes and no less important to keep your surroundings clean from rubbish and not littering in the gutter so that your friends’ gutters flow smoothly. so that it does not become a place for the Mosquito’s eggs to lay.

So, the Jimbaran Mosquito Control Services suggests mosquito-free is not impossible, friends, as long as we apply 3M’s preventive measures in a disciplined manner. Furthermore, if at home you are afraid it’s up to DHF from this mosquito animal, you can use our services, namely the Jimbaran Mosquito Control Services, which has been proven effective in dealing with mosquito problems and we also provide free surveys and free consultations

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