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13 Jul

Fogging Services Kerobokan Kelod – The number of cases of dengue fever in Indonesia in 1968 – 2009 is still the highest among other years. Even so, dengue fever still occurs every year. In 2022 until the 22nd week there were reported as many as 45,387 cases of dengue fever. This number is certainly quite a lot because the Aedes aegypti mosquito has managed to bite thousands of our people.

Is Fogging Effective?

Until now, dengue fever is still spreading rapidly, especially during the rainy season. One of the ways to prevent dengue fever is to do fogging. Fogging can help to minimize the transmission of dengue fever and other diseases caused by mosquitoes. But fogging is only temporary. Fogging is not a long-term solution to stop the dengue outbreak. Because it is not uncommon for an area to be fogged, but then another case of dengue is found.

Fogging only kills adult mosquitoes. While this will help reduce the number of adult mosquitoes, it is only temporary. Mosquito larvae left behind by adult mosquitoes will not be affected by fogging. As a result, in just a few days the larvae will hatch and then will replace the role of adult mosquitoes that have died. This will keep repeating so that fogging is less effective if you want to eradicate mosquitoes in the long term.

Is it true that fogging is prohibited?

While fogging can help in the short term, there are frequently asked questions such as “Is Fogging Safe?” or “Isn’t Fogging Forbidden?”. The use of the dose on the insecticide used when fogging is very small but can kill mosquitoes. This smoke if inhaled in small amounts does not cause harmful effects to humans, but if inhaled in large quantities, fogging smoke can interfere with human health.

The government recommends that fogging should not be carried out if there are no cases or confirmed cases of dengue fever. The implementation of fogging should be avoided so that the surrounding environment is not polluted and is at risk of causing insecticide poisoning to local residents.

Fogging Services Kerobokan Kelod

The presence of many mosquitoes in the house is certainly very disturbing because there may be types of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. The presence of mosquitoes will be very dangerous, especially for small children and the elderly because they have a lower immune system. If you want to do fogging, Umas Pest Control has more than 10 years of experience and is certified.


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