Guests deserve accommodations that are free of bed bugs and other pests. They want rest and relaxation, not bites, stings or other worries associated with insects and rodents. Insects and rodents carry and spread disease, and contaminate food and food preparation areas. They also cause damage to buildings, equipment and landscape. So, pests in hotels, resorts and other commercial lodgings not only can lead to health and safety issues, but also leave guests unhappy and make some decrease income.

An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program implements proactive measures to discourage pests from infesting your property by limiting access to their basic necessities – food, water and shelter. Umas Bali Pest Control work with hotel managers and staff to eliminate and prevent pest problems that threaten hotels and the hospitality industry with pest control targets are Cockroaches ,common ant, flies ,mosquitoes , bed bugs , rodent ,spider, wild animal , and etc.

Our pest control for hotels consists of:

Pest identification
A customized pest management program
Application of IPM techniques
Routine monitoring
Treatment as needed
Comprehensive reporting including areas where pests where found, what products were used and communications with customer.
Compliance with industry regulations

That programs we’ll implement on Thermal fogging , mist blower , cold fogger , spraying , baiting mehods. No need to be more worrie, Umas Bali Pest control simply solution for your hospitality pest control.

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