We Protect Your Business

Your business is one of your most important investments. Don’t let pests ruin your reputation and everything you’ve worked hard for. There are effective ways to eliminate and control these animals, and we offer a protection program that will cover all your business’s pest control needs. Our service includes an initial inspection to locate infested areas and identify the right treatment. We’ll provide an honest assessment and recommend the best elimination method. More Info Commercial Service, Click Here.

We Protect Your Home

Home should be a such lovely place to come, to make a joy, or to be the most safety meeting point for your family. Don’t let the pest will disturb and destroy your family satisfation. Trust to Umas Bali Pest Control to prevent the pest at home is the only way to realize your family safety, healthy, and satisfaction. More Info Redisential Service, Click Here.

Umas Pest Management Protection 

Umas Pest Control services are designed to initially flush pests out of their hiding places and then maintain control in and around you by these programs:

  • INSPECTION -We inspect the property areas and entry points into the interior of the home. Most pests resting during the day in secluded and shady areas such as, tall grasses, in shrubs, trees, and building areas. They are particularly fond of moist leaf and crawl space areas under trees and plants. 
  • INITIAL TREATMENT – We always treat around window casings, door frames, eaves, foundations and cracks and crevices that would allow entry into the home. We also treat the shady side of the house (structure) where these pests rest during the heat of the day. We treat the areas of the landscape, including the plantings, tall grasses, dense foliage, small trees and shrubs.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS – Recommendations like cutting back or thinning out dense foliage, checking water features (pools, ponds, fountains, etc.) to make sure water circulation equipment is in workable condition. Your technician may suggest other measures to ensure your areas without pest.
  • MONITORING -Without a regularly scheduled maintenance program, infestations are a sure thing, since pest may come in from neighboring.Umas pest control monitoring pest activity and prevent back again
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