ow to make your villa stand out
05 Sep

Bali has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are various beautiful natural scenery and the thick culture is still felt. With the increasing number of tourists visiting, the need for housing will be increasingly needed. One of the favorite residences is the villa. Tourists choose villas because they are more private and can be used by several people with various facilities.

Competition in the villa industry is also increasing, various things are done so that the villa can be glimpsed by tourists. In the last 5 years, there have been at least 1,000 villas in Bali that are ready to be rented out to tourists. Of the many existing villas, some are crowded and quiet. In this article, we will provide tips on how to make a villa stand out from the eyes of guests in the midst of the hectic villa competition.

5 Steps for a Villa to Stand Out for Guests

1. Ensure Strategic Location

This is the most important factor. Make sure to choose a location that is close to your favorite tourist destinations. Some of the busiest areas are Seminyak, Canggu, Kuta, Uluwatu, Ubud. The area can be considered if you want to build a new villa. There are various facilities throughout the area making it easier for visitors to find something. Tourist objects such as beaches that are targeted can also be easily reached.

2. Building Design Concept

If the location has been determined, then make a design for the villa. Determine the concept you want to implement in the villa, whether it is traditional Balinese, modern or other. The selection of this concept can also be adjusted to the data of tourist visits from which countries come the most. Villas with natural concepts are also often favored by tourists.

If the villa design is good then visitors will promote it for free when they post on social media. This will certainly have a positive impact because the villa will be increasingly known to many people.

3. Determine the number of rooms

Determining the number of rooms in the villa is also important, whether the villa wants to be made private, only 1 room or several rooms. The large number of rooms will also affect the rental cost factor.

Apart from resting and doing various activities, it is not uncommon for the villa to be used for work. Adding a special work room that is far from noise and more privacy can be considered.

4. Promote online

Doing marketing online is no less important. This is done to reach more potential visitors. Registering the location of the villa on Google Map is the first step that can be done. In addition, creating stalls in several e-commerce rentals is no less important.

Use various social media to display villa facilities. Have more budget? Creating a website for the villa can also be done to increase trust.

5. Make sure guests feel comfortable

Although these tips are last but not least, they are no less important. There are several factors that can make guests feel comfortable


Every visitor who comes should be able to feel safe while in the Villa. Placing a security guard in front of the villa is a step that can be taken to increase security. Besides that, installing CCTV is also mandatory

Friendly Service

As a villa owner, you must be able to provide friendly service to visitors. Don’t hesitate to help visitors if they have trouble.


Make sure villa visitors feel comfortable. The facilities provided can function normally such as air conditioning, refrigerator, lights, and others. Pest disturbances should also not appear in the villa. If visitors find pests such as rats, cockroaches, flies then this will make the villa’s image bad. Guests can give a low rating on Google map or social media. Routine maintenance such as pest control services is needed to ensure the villa is free from pest disturbances. Umas, one of the pest control service providers, can help with pest control treatment in the villa, you can call 081138204195 for free consultation services

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