25 Feb

When you choose Umas pest control, we start with an inspection of your entire property to determine the source of your millipede’s problems. After a thorough assessment, we develop a plan tailored for your business based on our findings. And since effective pest management is an ongoing process, Umas pest control will continue to monitor and adjust your treatment program to help make sure the millipedes stay away.

Millipedes Solution

1. General spray
Chemical control can help you. Apply pesticide to the perimeter and to cracks and crevices. We Use a residual pesticide around areas you suspect millipedes to gather in. When the pests cross over these insecticides, the chemicals get onto their feet and gradually kill them. Umas Pest Control apply residual pesticides around the building’s foundation and around all the doors and windows. Active ingredients worth looking for include propoxur, cyfluthrin, pyrethrins, piperonyl butoxide, amorphous silica gel, deltamethrin, lambda-cyhalothrin, hexa-hydroxyl, cypermethrin, and bifenthrin.

2. Glue trapping

Apply glue trap to your property, taking these measures will make it nearly impossible for millipedes to find their way go to the inside. If we see a lot of millipedes stuck in a glue trap, we will to redo your glue trap. We will check the glue trapping around of your home at morning.

3. fertilization 

This product should be spread in the same manner evenly. Apply it to all problem areas, including cracks, crevices, and damp spots inside the home. Carbofuran is a stomach poison contact, so it will kill the millipedes from the inside if it does not first kill them from the outside. Millipedes live in, thrive in, and lay their eggs in moist soil. we can make this treatment even more effective by disturbing the soil with a rake or hoe after applying the carbofuran.

Consider contacting Umas pest Control at 081 337 55 3373 or 0361 4733 218.

If the problem is really out of your control, call Umas pest control to take care of the matter for you. Umas Pest Control have access to chemicals that are more potent and more effective.

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