April 26, 2016

Method 1: Cleaning the messy goods

Arrange the messy goods in your home or clean up all the clutter in your home as much as possible. Bedbugs are epidemic, and they preferred residential neighborhood into a living creature that warm place where they eat. Bedbugs like to hide in the piles of laundry and your mattress, curtains surrounding the bed-skirt, and a cot . Bedbugs are going up in sofa cushions, blankets , and any other objects they could. However, they often enter through holes or cracks.

Clean everything the overall. Wash all clothes, bed linen, cushions, fabrics and others exposed of bedbugs in hot water. Use bleach on all goods if possible. Clean the dust and then mop the carpet and the floor. First, use bleach on the floor and then use a solution of water / alcohol to be sprayed on the floor.

Method 2: Prevent Bed Bug Creeping Up

  • Keep your bed away from the wall.
  • Make sure your bed at least away from any object, including walls, bedside tables, books, and others.
  • Make sure the foot of the bed is high enough from the floor, so that the bedbugs can not reach it.
  • Make sure no bed sheet or bed cover / comforter touching the floor or you will be bitten and wash it all back.
  • Bedbugs can climb any object, including the ceiling and fell on top of your mattress. If the attacks of bedbugs is very severe , the bugs falling down from the ceiling. In this case, it’s time to call the pest control.
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