April 27, 2016

pest control baliBlack ladybugs active in the morning and evening. During the day, they are hiding at the base of the stem / clumps of rice or grass vegetation on the ground. The life cycle of ladybugs relatively long average are for male about 38 days and female about 45 days. They are the toughest enemies of villa or hotel is located in the rice fields areas.

So don’t worry about the ladybugs, you can trying to use this methods:


  • Trap the ladybugs in a vacuum cleaner. The best way to get rid of ladybugs are moved physically by using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Avoid to taking the ladybugs one by one by hand. If you do this, the the ladybugs will release a yellow dirt can be disfiguring skin, clothing, and other surfaces.
  • Sweep the ladybugs away from the door. Use a broom to sweep the ladybugs to the outside, if they are too close of the door.
  • Catch ladybugs with the light traps. Although the light traps give you limited aid, install one or two at the dark attic or basement, that can draw some ladybugs hiding in these locations.


  • Spraying the mothballs and menthol in the around the Mix one of these ingredient with a little water in a bottle sprayer and spray around the area that you suspect is ladybugs hiding place. The spray should repel ladybugs without killing them.
  • Make the trap from soap and water. A simple tactic to use against the Ladybugs is to fill a bowl with water containing soap. Bounce light will attract ladybugs, which will then be dropped into a bowl and drowned in the soapy water.


  • Contact a licensed pest control to get professional help. If any other way failed, a pest control professional should be able to give a solution to overcome the problem of Ladybugs . However, make sure you contact a professional pest control who has experienced overcome the attacks of Ladybugs.
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