20 Jan

The First step in fly control is sanitation and elimination .

sanitation :

  1. Sanitation is the first measure of defense, even though there are various traps and sprays that are used to kill flies, it is necessary to eliminate the source in order to eliminate them.
  2. Whenever possible, food and materials on which the flies can lay their eggs must be removed or destroyed, which will isolate the egg-laying adult.
  3. Garbage cans and dumpsters should have tight-fitting lids and be cleaned regularly.
  4. Openings of buildings should be tightly screened with screen.
  5. Drainage will often aid control, getting rid of extra moisture.
  6. and make sure your areas is clean


Killing adult flies will reduce infestation, but elimination of breeding areas is necessary for good Fly control management,  can use fly insecticides like fly bait or fly trap. The use of pesticides in the elimination of flies is not recommended because it requires an expert in the field of fly control. Umas pest control have employees who are trained in sanitary control of flies, certainly we’ve been trained to handle problems of this fly. for more information call: 081 337 55 3373 or E: umaspestcontrol@yahoo.co.id  www. umaspestcontrolbali.com

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