Get Rid of Bed Bug Bali
24 Oct

Get Rid of Bed Bug Bali – Bed bugs can live in corners of the house, especially on the bed.

To move locations, bed bugs will move by crawling. It is not uncommon for bed bugs to move from place to place because they are carried by humans without realizing it.

Although it does not cause serious illness, bed bugs can target blood and the effects of their bites make itchy and irritated.

So how do bedbugs reproduce?

Female bed bugs are able to lay five to seven eggs a week. Then the eggs can hatch in approximately 10 days. After hatching, it will enter five nymph stages (young) before becoming adults. During this stage the exoskeleton of the bedbugs will be released.

Before molting, bed bugs need food at least once. Then the time it takes to become an adult is two to four months

How do bed bugs move?

Its very small size allows these bed bugs to slip through very small gaps. Bed bugs usually spread through clothes, cloth, bags or luggage.

Because they do not have wings, these animals are only able to crawl to move from place to place, but without realizing it, humans help bed bugs to move quickly.

Animals with a length of 1 to 7mm can move from one wall to another, through floors or gaps in ceilings and pipes.

Steps to Prevent Bedbugs

The way to minimize the spread of bed bugs is to regularly check for signs of their presence. Before spreading, it’s better to handle it first

Signs of bed bugs can be seen by the presence of reddish stains or black spots on sheets, pillows, sofas and beds. Not infrequently bed bugs can also be directly encountered.

Make it a routine to clean the sheets and dry the mattress. However, if the bed bug population has increased, it needs serious treatment. Umas can help in dealing with the problem of bed bugs in your place!

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