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Umas pest control company with fast service, effective and thorough treatments, customized to your needs. Umas be able to inspect your property, monitor for pest activity, identify any pests found, and then come up with a plan and make recommendations that are specific to where you live.

Pest Control Service

Your Business and Family is one of your most important needs. Don’t let pests ruin your reputation and everything you have . We’ll provide an honest assessment and recommend the best elimination method.


Rodent Control Service

An abundance of food, water and protection from predators, there is not a city in the world that doesn’t have a thriving rat population. Umas Rodent Control Method’s will increased rat infestations in the urban landscape


Termite Control Service

Each year, termites inflict $4-$5 Billion worth of damage to homes, like yours, across the country. So, Termite protection is not a luxury, it is a necessity! Umas Termite Control Service is your solution


Wildlife Control Service

Wildlife can often carry disease, get into garbage, and damage property. Don’t waste another day. Schedule your FREE Inspection and we will get to work putting your wildlife concerns behind you. We are experience in wildlife removal and exclusion.


Bed Bug Specialist

Bed bugs only feed on blood. The frustration they can cause is not only due to the emotional stress of dealing with parasites, but also the irritation of their bites and the potential for secondary infection from constant scratching. Contact us for further solutions.

  • Yearly Experience In Pest control/ Termite/ Rodent/Roach Control
  • More than 30 Professional Skilled Team ready to serve you 24 Hours
  • Has many methods prevent your pest control problems thats always upgraded for better servis
  • Trusted by more than 250 clients/ every months during yearly services
  • Awarded the Charter Award from THE BADUNG CITY GOVERNMENT (BALI) as proof of the quality existence

Umas Team


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