April 27, 2021

Some species of termites are able to build nests that are towering like towers above ground level. Hundreds of tall structures for termite nests can be found in the savanna of Africa, South America, the grasslands of Australia and the savanna of Papua.

The building not only serves as a home and fortress for the termite colony, it also helps the surrounding ecosystem to withstand times of drought. Researchers from Princeton University, United States, say termite nests are like oases in the desert.

In a research report published in the journal Science, the researchers say plants growing around termite nests can survive longer, dry summers.

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Benefits of Termite Nests

Termite nests are an indicator of soil fertility and water reserves in dry areas. Termite mounds provide a potential defense against climate change and prevent the soil from becoming more barren. Corina Tarnita, a researcher and assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Princeton University, says the desertification process doesn’t really affect the habitats around termite nests. “When the desertification process begins, the vegetation above or around the nest remains alive and spreads its seeds in the surrounding environment

Health The existence of termite nests plays an important role for the health and resilience of various ecosystems. Termite nests that can reach more than 5 meters in height are an indication of the presence of water reserves and a comfortable environment that other organisms need. Nests that can contain tens of millions of termites appear in deserts, tropical and subtropical rainforests, warm plains, and local gardens.

Many people think of termites as destructive pests that can destroy houses or wooden furniture. In fact, only a few of the approximately 3,000 species of termites are pests to humans. Most of the termite species are in the category of ecosystem guardians.

Do Termites Work?

Termites spend their lives working underground, building tall nests for their colonies. “They are like very skilled soil structural engineers, Build Nests Termites build nests by digging small pores-like holes in the ground. As a result, water can penetrate further into the soil so that it does not evaporate.

Inside the nest, termites mix sand, rock, and clay particles with organic material, such as leaf litter and exoskeleton debris or other organism remains. This mixture makes the soil more fertile and resistant to erosion. Dirt and termite excretion fluid also strengthens the structure of the soil structure, thereby preventing erosion.

They also breed a type of mushroom for consumption. The bacteria in the termite’s digestive system can convert nitrogen, extract vital elements from the air, then convert it into a type of fertilizer. This is very beneficial for the termite colony. “Termites are very good for soil fertility. When building and caring for nests, termites can remove large amounts of soil.

Termite nests allow the surrounding soil structure to hold water and provide nutrients for plants. “They increase the productivity of the system while keeping it stable and durable

Benefits Provided

Those are the few benefits of termites that we know about so not all termites are dangerous if their habitat is still in nature, but if the habitats are already in the house / office it means that the termite habitat is no longer in nature and makes your home / office a nest for shelter and shelter. eat them because their ecosystem no longer exists in nature.

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