April 27, 2021

There is no one who doesn’t know that termites are wood-eating insects. If in the world of ants there is a saying that there is sugar there is an ant, it could be that in the world of termites, such a parable can be made, there is wood there is termite. However, is it true that termites like to eat wood? To respond to this issue, we want to discuss it in this post

Before we reviewed solutions for termite repellent or termite pest control, there was something interesting about this little insect. You need to know that termites are categorized as primitive insects but can maintain their populations and colonies until such a modern era. This is because termites can live anywhere as long as there is a source of food in the area.

Where do termites get their food source? Research results say that termites survive and reproduce by consuming cellulose. Do you understand what cellulose is? And why do termites need it so badly? Cellulose or cellulose substances are listed in one of the substances that are commonly found on earth.


More cellulose in wood and paper (because paper is also made from wood fibers). So it’s not surprising why termites hit wood more often than other materials, this is because termites want to eat the cellulose found in the wood. So for zoology, termites do not necessarily eat wood, but brands eat cellulose found in wood.

To process cellulose, termites need cellulase enzymes to process it. Cellulase enzymes are produced by protozoa and bacteria present in the digestive tract of termites. This is different from humans who do not have cellulase enzymes so that they cannot break down cellulose substances. Not only termites, animals that have cellulase enzymes are cows and goats and other ruminant animals.

Indonesia, which is a paradise for termites, is due to the fact that there are many tropical rainforests that have many species of termites. On the island of Bali alone, 200 types of termites can be found, let alone more. This matter can be proud or even dangerous. Why is it dangerous? Obviously a risk, because termites are destructive pests. They can porous all the wooden elements found in your home.

Termites really need wood, because in wood there is a source of food for them, cellulose. Before these termites intrude on your home, you should be obliged to recognize indications that there are starting obstacles from these destructive animals. Here’s the identity if your house or furniture is invaded by termites:

Furniture made of wood will look more hollow and porous

This pest wants to eat the wood from the inside and only leaves the thin outer structure of the wood. When you squeeze or knock on wood that has been damaged by termites, so that the wood will feel hollow or especially when pressed hard, the wood actually disappears because it is so thin.

There is a termite path in Wood

Another characteristic when your furniture or wooden furniture is eaten by termites, in general, there is a kind of tunnel made by the termites themselves. They made the road when eating wood starting from the outer structure, by making the tunnel to share the impact of humidity to increase the sense of security for their survival.

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