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11 Jul

Get Rid of Cockroach Mengwi – In general, the cockroaches that we often see hanging around are brown, but did you know that there are also white cockroaches? When you first see it, it may feel strange and a unique sight that we think is rare.

What Is a White Cockroach?

Actually the white cockroach is the same insect as the brown cockroach that we usually encounter. White cockroaches are also classified as animals that have segments on their bodies (arthropods). In addition, these insects also do not have a spine. So the white cockroach is still one species with cockroaches in general.

Although we rarely find white cockroaches, but actually this cockroach is not a rare insect. Most species of cockroaches usually spend a few hours or several times in their lives being white cockroaches.

Why are Cockroaches White?

Why are cockroaches white? Cockroaches turn white because it is related to the life cycle of the cockroach. In this case the cockroach undergoes metamorphosis where the development process in living things is marked by physical changes from birth to adulthood. However, the metamorphosis experienced by cockroaches is incomplete metamorphosis.

The cause of cockroaches turning white is that when the cockroach sheds its skin, the cockroach not only removes its outer skin but will also lose most of the pigmentation from within its body which must be replaced. This is a chemical reaction that occurs in the body, it usually takes several hours for the pigment to recover.

Are White Cockroaches Dangerous?

For those of us who are seeing a white cockroach for the first time, it is a rare thing and looks scary from the usual brown cockroach. But you don’t need to worry too much, because white cockroaches are not seriously dangerous. These tiny insects rarely bite humans. However, just like cockroaches in general, white cockroaches can also be dangerous as a source of allergens and trigger asthma. In addition, the bacteria in cockroaches can cause disease if they stick to our food.

There are several diseases that can be caused by cockroaches:

Digestive disorders
Cockroach food poisoning

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