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06 Jul

Get rid of Ants Kuta – The queen of ants has an important role in the ant colony. In addition, the queen ant can live longer even tens of times when compared to other ordinary ants. Queen Ants can live up to tens of years.

The Duties of the Ant Queen Rangrang

The queen ant is an ant that is quite prominent in its colony. Queen ants have the largest body compared to other types of ants. The task of the weaver ant queen is to produce eggs for the continued development of the colony.

High places and nests that are quite large and protected by dry leaves are often used as nests by the queen ant to avoid disturbing the dangers of her enemies. This will also make the queen ant feel safe in producing Kroto. When the queen ant has released her eggs, the ant soldiers will transfer the eggs to the nest that has been prepared.

Characteristics of Rangrang Ants

The hallmark of the queen ant is its length of 1.5 cm (15-17mm). The body of this small insect is greenish yellow to dark brown with a swollen belly because it contains prospective eggs to be released. Before becoming the queen of ants, this insect still has wings. This queen ant will start laying eggs in conditions of 23-27 degrees Celsius with a light intensity of 0.01-0.06 lm/m2.

Prospective queens that have been fertilized will stay in a descendant nest in a colony until they finally fly out of the nest. When the queen ant has left her old nest and has chosen a new territory, it will be marked by the release of her wings and will form a new colony. The time it takes for a queen ant to produce eggs is only 6 months from the time it hatches

Get of rid Ants Kuta

Ants are one of the insects that reproduce quickly and a lot. A queen ant can lay 100,000 to 300,000 eggs in just a few days. If you work as weaver ant cultivation, of course this is not a problem. However, if the number of thousands of ant colonies hiding in areas of your home, of course this will be very disturbing. Because the bite can make itchy and red skin.

The development of ants found in homes/offices/villas/hotels must be handled immediately so as not to cause greater losses. If you have trouble dealing with ants, Umas Pest Control can help with ant management. Has more than 10 years of expe.

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