16 Mar

Fumigant Magtoxin is environmentally friendly pest control warehouse as Tribolium sp, Sitophilus sp, Rhyzopherta Dominica, etc.

Same with phostoxin, Fumigant is also effective and powerful way to eradicate all pests warehouse commodities such as grains, grains, nuts, seeds, medicinal, fruits, copra, cassava, livestock feed, tapioca, wood products / rattan, clove, coffee, etc.

Advantages: This insecticide has the effect of Knock-Down Fast powerful and fast against the target insect, low toxicity to mammals, as well as environmentally friendly.

  • Active Ingredients Alluminium Phosphide 56%
  • Form: plate
  • Packaging: Drum
  • Vendor / Formulators: Detia, GmbH
  • Application: Methode Blankeet
  • Target Pests: Fleas Pest Warehouse
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