03 Jul

Lem Tikus FOX  is the adhesives use to catch rat in the house effectively and  safely. It is non toxic and odorless.

The usage of Lem Tikus FOX is very simple as follows:

  1. Spread Lem Tikus FOX rat glue in a circular pattern evenly on a piece of carton.
  2. Put a piece of bait in the middle of the glue
  3. rat will eat the bait and trapped.

Lem Tikus FOX now is appearing  in a new design and packaging material. The Aluminum Barrier Laminated Plastic (ABL) is adopted replacing the aluminum tube one. With the ABL tube Lem Tikus FOX is more easier and lighter to apply.  Design appearance also changed to be more modern looked and shiny cleaned imaged.

Lem Tikus FOX rat glue is available at house hold shop, mini market, ‘apotik’ and building material shops.

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